Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mele Kalikimaka And Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!


No matter how you celebrate (or don't) the hollah-daze, I send you wishes of enjoyment for yourself, your family and your friends. For metaphysicians like myself, this season is really about the Winter Solstice when we've reached the end of ever-darkening days and begin to see a return to longer light-infused ones as the Sun increases its face time. As an Astrologer, I view the Capricorn Sun as effecting a serious influence on folks assessing their year about to pass and proclaiming resolutions of change for the new one coming.

Personally, what I hope to accomplish this next year is a serious presence for all multiracial people everywhere. (Please see the Hip Hapa Homeez group on Facebook). The insistence of major media in continuing to label Barack Obama as "the first black or African American" man to ascend the presidential throne is an affront to anyone who can count. One-half white and one-half black adds up to one mixed-race person. If Obama doesn't care to confront the issues of One Drop Rule and create an understanding of how and why this weird math is still practiced today, I swear, we mixies must unite and send him a petition to address this. Ya feel me?!?

Here's a recent article about the very subject:

And, here's a comment in reply from Michael Shenton of London:

"Obama should thank 'former African Americans' for making his journey possible and not forget this. In actual fact, without the removal of the anti-miscegenation pact, Obama would not have been born. So, his very existence owes to this fact. As a 'mixy', I'm very proud of him. He is our first recognized pres (some argue that 5 or 6 other former pressies really were mixed). Love, Mikester."

On to other rants. Last month, I had the opportunity to screen the film Skin starring Sophie Okonedo. Based on the true story of Sandra Laing, this movie has the potential of being a great learning experience and so needs a wide release. Sandra was born to two white parents during apartheid South Africa when people were separated into categories of black, white, colored and Indian. Due to some strange genetic development, Sandra became darker-skinned and more curly-haired as she got older. Can you imagine having a white racist father as you look more Negro-ish every day? The funny thing is that Sandra's father loved his daughter and insisted that she was white and be treated as if she were. You understand, he looked down on blacks and other racial minorities while doing so. But all the same, he went to court and had his daughter officially classified as white. When Sandra ran away to be with a black man (and his people whom she felt more comfortable with), her father threatened to kill her and her lover. Here's a YouTube clip of the real Sandra Laing (keep your tissues close):

Last week, I wrote about Jesse B., who was upset over the casting of the new M. Night Shyamalan film based on a TV series called The Last Airbender. The story features Asian characters, but Shyamalan cast only Caucasian actors. I'm still not all that hip to what's hapa'nin' with the project, but I do have to say--lawdamercy! I had no idea how talented Ms. B. is. Check her out here:

I know you're all probably anxious to return to your hapa hollah-daze, so I'll let you go. btw, new Hapa*Teez t-shirt designs will be posted over the next few days.

And, all the Xmas decos you see here are courtesy of my mother. Actually, they're from last year as I couldn't locate pix of this year's.

Mele Kalikimaka!

Your Hip Hapa,

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