Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marcus Patrick-Patrick Marcus, Mixed Raw Vegan Movie Star

Cheerio to all you Hip Hapa Homeez! This week, British actor Patrick Marcus Osborne joins us to reveal more than just his buffo bod. Check out Marcus Patrick in the photos and at the link below, and then read what he has to say about his life as a multiracial raw vegan. Deep!

Q: What’s a nice mixed-race guy like you doing showing off his abs and pecs?

A: I used to run around my house naked as a kid. My parents were very liberal so it was always considered a fun thing that my sister and I would run around the house naked for fun!

Q: What led you to become a raw vegan, and why are you such a strong advocate of that lifestyle?

A: I actually said a prayer to God/The Universe that I was no good to Earth if I had to sing or rap negative songs, become an egomaniacal actor, sell products I don't believe in, or fight men in competitions. I asked God/The Universe to use me as a vessel for helping humanity and do with me what was needed. It was this prayer that turned me vegan and, later, raw. Once I studied the medical data on it, I saw that it was really the healthiest way one can live. I also gained many other spiritual benefits of heightened sensitivity, awareness and even the intuition that many would think--along with this whole paragraph--sounds crazy, unless they themselves cross the spiritual path.

Q: What are your parents’ ethnicities, and how did they meet?

A: Mother is Jamaican, Cuban and Cherokee. My father is English, Irish, and French. My dad was always obsessed with black women. He would draw them as a kid with an Afro hairstyle. He is a great artist. He always wanted the strongest woman for the strongest kids he said, and he had decided the black race was the strongest. I came out pretty strong so maybe he had a good plan. He was a deejay at the university. My mom came to England from Jamaica to study nursing. They met at a university dance and the rest is a long book filled with lots of drama. Ha!

Q: How did growing up mixed affect your life?

A: It wasn't easy at first. I was rejected by both blacks and whites. I was teased, called jungle boy, light-skinned pretty boy, red boy, gollywog, and monkey boy. I actually began to pray that God might make a hole to swallow me up and take me away when I was eight. Then I began to appreciate what I had going for me--strength and speed. I ran chasing butterflies in the grass fields and gained a love of life. Once I hit mid-teens, my strength had become such an asset that I was the British Tae Kwon Do champion. This title helped gain me lots of popularity at school. Now I was the "it kid". It felt very bizarre. I began to study humans from this point on. Why would we be so fickle? I asked myself. I am the same child that they didn't like a few years ago, but now that I was a champion and could physically beat them in a fight, they respect me? It made for a sad reality observation.

Q: As an actor and model, has being multiracial ever helped or hindered your career?

A: I'm sure we all know being “mixed” means being black, and black roles are far fewer than white roles in Hollywood. I just take what God gives me and if he just gave me the role of Jesus (in a new film), he blessed me real well, didn't he?

Q: You have such a powerful aura along with incredibly good looks that jumps out from the screen, yet you remain humble and approachable. How do you manage to do that and be in show business at the same time?

A: I have studied a lot. The more one studies, the more one finds that humility is required to learn. One must read up on the masters with books everyday. There is still so much to learn. Wisdom and humility go in tandem. I am wise and I am humble in order to stay wise. If I were to become arrogant, my wisdom would soon leave me. Show business has shifted from the days when art ruled. Now it's ego ruling art. Celebrity comes from the two words “celebration” and “humanity” merged into one. A celebrity is a celebration of humanity. Not many of today’s celebrities know this and take the role seriously. They are often too focused on some lie their publicist cooked up.

Q: You call yourself a “Noble Warrior of God”. What do you mean by that?

A: My birth name means "Noble Warrior of God". Patrick Marcus Osborne. Look it up. I began looking up names after I found out that our names have meanings and shape who we are. So, I looked mine up and there it was, staring me in the face as to why I may have been such a truth seeker my whole life. God and truth are one. God means truth. Truth means God. I have always had a dislike of bullturd. If I see politicians lie, it is always irritating and there are so many pockets of society built on lies, delusions and people coddling each other that it's okay to be dysfunctional because we are all a mess together. Well, I feel that we as a race can be in truth/God. On my travels around the world, I have seen so many culture trends, good and bad, all different. The one thing I know about us as humans is that we all want love, truth, wisdom and function. We once had it on the planet. There is evidence to show this in some of the fantastic landmarks. It's up to us to search deep inside and ask, "How brave am I to be truthful, sensitive, loving, caring, of myself and fellow man/womankind?" Well, I can say I am brave ‘til my end. So I am "Noble Warrior of God".

Thank you, Sir Patrick Marcus Osborne for baring your body, heart, mind and soul.

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