Friday, April 11, 2008

Mixed-Race Animals Proclaimed Inferior!

Truly. That's the story I saw on the PETA website the other day as I was cruisin' the 'net.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to read the article, but the photo caption indicated that certain folks felt that purebred animals, dogs in particular, were of a higher caste than mixed mutts. There was a photo of white-hooded KKK look-alikes proclaiming that interracial breeding produced bad results. Ha ha.

As a staunch vegan, I love everything PETA is doing to educate the public. What I read of the article amused me. It also made me think of something I saw a long time ago about breeders ruining the health of some dogs because they breed them for attractiveness only. For instance, some breed of short-legged dogs keep getting shorter with each new consecutive mating to the point that they can hardly walk anymore. Cute and cuddly, yes. But the poor animal lives in pain as it tries to function on stubs instead of legs.

In our blended family (Japanese mother, white stepfather, black father, 3/4's black grandchild), we consider ourselves a healthy combo. So, of course, what else would have but a mixed dog? There she is above, Miss Muffin--a biracial terrier-poodle. You go, Muffy. Arf!

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