Monday, April 14, 2008

Muffin's Twin

I thought I'd give ya'll a break today, and refrain from writing ad nauseam about race. (Okay, okay. I admit I have a ton of homework, too.)

So, instead, I'll just post a photo (thanks for the pix, Bob!) of Muffin's twin. If you recall, Miss Muffin is the BIRACIAL offspring dog (poodle/terrier) of her blended folks (Asian/Caucasian).

Since I posted a photo of the real-live Muffin last week, I thought I'd include one of her twin this week. Thanks to Cassie who sent the dog figurine to my mom after meeting her several weeks ago. Like me, Cassie is Japanese and African American and grew up in the Northwest. It's always good to connect with our twins.


Your Hip Hapa,

P.S. Five hot, haute, hip hapa designs have been added to the Hapa*Teez lineup:

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