Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chinese Black South Africans, Korean Mexicans, And Hapa Hair

During this past week, some interesting news floated across my monitor screen. One current story in the LA Times involved Koreans who have lived in Mexico for generations. Not only have they forgotten how to speak Korean, but in many ways they can't even relate to being Asian anymore. Here's the link to this fascinating article:,0,2642318.story

Earlier in the week, I read an older article about 200,000 ethnic Chinese living in South Africa and how they've been re-classified as "black" so they can take advantage of anti-discrimination laws--giving them more opportunities to compete for jobs and contracts. Evidently, they were originally categorized under "colored", and because of it were considered white. Since whites still have major advantages in South Africa, the Chinese requested that the High Court re-classify them.

Here's the link to the bbc article:

I also poked around the 'net and found this very interesting exchange about the very subject at racialicious:

What an interesting world! Chinese people are black now, and Koreans are Mexicans. I love it! The more mixed everyone becomes, the better we'll all get along. Don't you think?

Beyond that, it's been a personally exciting week as I continue to hear from more and more Hip Hapa Homeez. As I continue to work on an updated version of the Watermelon Sushi website, I hope to include more of you on it--so, drop me a line.

Last week, I also discovered Teri LaFlesh, a young mixed-race woman who's written very poignantly of her hair struggles while growing up. At last, able to grow a beautiful head of healthy and long hair, she decided to share her "secrets" in a book. She has a website all about her hapa hair experiences. Take a look:

In the meantime, contact me so I can know who you are. I promise to answer.

btw, my kind neighbor from Ukraine gave me a delicious watermelon the other day. That's not it in the photo, of course, because I already ate it.

Your Hip Hapa,

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