Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lovely Lunar Light Shall Never Fade

"Hey! Didja see the eclipse?!?," everyone around me shouted as I maneuvered from work to home to yoga class and back to home today. As I gazed up at the night sky (what sky?--all I saw were annoying city lights), I was struck dumb by this simple act of Nature that was totally unhampered by MAN. At least for that moment it was. Behold, the vision I encountered was lovely.

First, I watched Ms. Moon as Mother Earth's shadow cast a smoky red glow over her right side. Then, I went into the yoga studio. When I came out, Mother Earth's shadow was much darker (as was the night), and was creeping up on Ms. Moon from underneath. What a scene! This moment shall live eternally.

Meanwhile, I received several questions about my father after my posting yesterday. To learn more about African American soldiers during WWII, you could start by reading an essay I wrote about my dad in 2000. Here are links to comments that were made about the anthology, Brothers and Others, that I published then:

And, that's me with Papa Legba, above. Alafia!

Bon nuit.

Your Hip Hapa,

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