Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sistahs Do Think! And, The Skin We're In

Please check out the comments left below the heading, What Do Sistahs Think? Here, two very intelligent and rational black women discuss their feelings upon seeing "their men" with women of other races.

Black women, more than any other group, are still shunned by media when it comes to being celebrated for their beauty. When I say "black women", I mean women who are considered black because their skin is a richer brown than, say, Beyonce Knowles. It's still a sad fact that we live under a caste system where people are judged by the shade of color they happen to be born with--something they have absolutely no control over!

I remember when sistahs in South Africa were dousing themselves with chlorine bleach in the hopes of attaining lighter skin and, by doing so, becoming more acceptable. To whom, I wanted to scream? But we know who.

Someday, I hope we can look back to see that our ancestors didn't suffer in vain. That will be the day when we're all treated equally regardless of the skin we're in.


Your Hip Hapa,

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