Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Nothing HAPA-ning Here

Aloha Hip Hapa Homeez,

Well, it’s finally HAPA-ened. Here we are on the first Wednesday of the month, ready for publication, and there’s no interviewee to publish.

MGM Kahlil Crawford

Apologies to all our readers, and mahalo nui loa for liking our Facebook pages (Watermelon Sushi, Hapa*Teez, War Brides of Japan) and following our social media accounts (twitter). You guys rock!

If any of you have an interesting story to tell, drop us a line. Whether you’re of mixed ethnicity, a transracial adoptee, in an interracial relationship, or someone who crosses cultures, we want to talk to you!

Meanwhile, let’s revisit a Hip Hapa Homee from the past who was featured here earlier this year, multi-generationally mixed-race Kahlil Crawford.

Here’s a quick update. Since February, he's founded a startup called When asked what he’d like us to know about it, Kahlil replied: “The new start-up was inspired by a bank executive who believed my approach to IT Consulting warranted a larger platform.”

Congratulations, Kahlil!

Rob Lee
Meanwhile, our producer at large, Rob Lee, has been busy campaigning on behalf of Hapa*Teez. Check him out in his BlacKorean tee.

Here’s the vid clip that features our t-shirts:

Speaking of vids, if you’ve never been to Hawai’i--land of the cultural melting pot--here’s a little taste for you. We call it Hapa Luau. Hapa feasting!

Until we meet again, please visit our Watermelon Sushi website and join us at Hip Hapa Homeez on Facebook for some pretty darn interesting discussions.

Your Hip Hapa,