Wednesday, March 07, 2018

War Brides of Japan HEARTS Our Donors!

Aloha, Hip Hapa Homeez!

Although it seems that this Watermelon Sushi World blog has been hijacked by the War Brides of Japan documentary, neither one could happen without the other.

Before we could tell the story of two mixed-race sisters in our narrative film Watermelon Sushi, we first needed to explain how they came to be. So we reached back to tell their mother’s story in War Brides of Japan and, in our telling, discovered many other women like her—Japanese women who married American servicemen during the Occupation of post-WWII Japan.

To keep the momentum going until we complete post production of the documentary, we’d like to show off some of our donors. If you’re a donor and would like to see yourself here, please email us a photo.

Meanwhile, we offer our readers a peek at the beautiful people below without whom we could not be making this film.

By the way, we're still accepting donations at our Network for Good page.

And please check out our War Brides of Japan links following these photos.

Barbara Speares, right
Tess Gerould

Vera Zambonelli, Hawaiian Women in Filmmaking in Honolulu

Dale Head, left, in Wai'anae

writer Gil Asakawa, right, with his wife in Honolulu
realtor Paz Cateil in Kapolei
Ray Tabata, left, in Shinagawa
Naito family at T's vegan restaurant in Tokyo
artivist Lenore Chinn in her San Francisco studio
jewelry designer Janet Sorrentino in Kirkland

tekkie Eric Gould, right, in Pioneer Square Seattle

tekkie Kareem Hadee in Pike Place Market Seattle

Silvia Benton, left, at Peanut Sauce in Tacoma

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