Friday, March 31, 2023

Planting Watermelons And Making Sushi

 Aloha, Hip Hapa Homeez!

Spring is in the air and planting season has begun. 

It’s a good time to get those Watermelon seeds into the ground. And, it’s a good time to eat more Sushi, too, particularly the vegan kind. Norimaki rolled with veggies, anyone?

Of course, those words are not-so-subtle references to our Watermelon Sushi feature narrative turned animation.

As we announced in our last post, filmmaker Doug Ing has come aboard as our Executive Producer. This multi-talented man recently had one of his documentaries accepted by SIFF, a major film festival in Seattle.

Omedettou gozaimasu, Doug!

Doug Ing in Honolulu

Doug Ing films Yuriko in Tacoma Washington                      

We’d also like to congratulate Yuriko-san on her fake birthday today. This incredible artist was actually born a month later, but her father forged her birth certificate so she could enroll in school when the semester began in April--instead of waiting another year.

upcoming projects

Anyway, our documentary film about her, Tokyo Lily, will be accompanied by a graphic novel, Lily Wisteria. The documentary will feature her life story and artwork, while the novel will showcase illustrations of WWII and the Occupation.

btw, Yuriko means ‘lily’ in Nihongo and her clan name, Naito, has a mon represented by the hanging wisteria plant.

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War Brides of Japan, a docu*memory

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Lifting up our fans with love and gratitude!

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