Thursday, January 31, 2008


Soon, it will be a New Year (of the Earth Rat). In celebration, I'm relaunching this blog for us. So, please, boys and girls, send me your questions, comments, links and things that relate to the mixed-race world.

To keep it topical, let's start with this question:

What do you think about Obama being identified as "black"? Is it his choice to ignore the fact that he has a white mother, or is it the unchallenged and uninformed media, or the reinforcement of the One Drop Rule? If you recall, this was the unwritten law during the slavery of black Africans by Europeans. One single drop of Negro blood rendered a biracial offspring of the masa, "black". This was to insure that the child remained a slave (chattel) as well as guaranteeing that the kid didn't get any crazy ideas about freeing his darker relatives--who were all seen as property.

So, tell me what you think. Post your comments here.

Your Hip Hapa,