Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Another Year Here

Aloha, Hip Hapa Homeez.

As we say in Hawai’i, ‘Hau’oli Makahiki Hou’ for Happy Year New. Here’s wishing the best for you and yours in 2013.

Since this is Your Hip Hapa’s first blog post of the New Year, I'd like to make this month one of intermittent silence in honor of Hip Hapa Homeez that are no longer in our Watermelon Sushi World. During your busy days ahead, please take a few minutes to remember the following good folks:

Yuriko-san's first passport
First and foremost is my Mom, Yuriko-san. A Japanese war bride, she is the primary subject for the War Brides of Japan documentary. For those of you familiar with my media work spanning some 13 years now, you know that no one has had a more profound effect on my life than she did. Please join me in a sweet salute and a kind kiss skyward to the incredibly multi-talented Yuriko-san. 

Here’s one of my fave blogs about her:

Yuriko-san, left, with friend Emiko-san

Derrick-san in Tokyo

Also in November, we bid adieu to our astonishingly creative Director of Marketing and Publicity, Far East, Derrick Michael Holmes. A dancer, model, actor publicist and all-around great guy, Derrick will be missed not only for his extraordinary input as a promoter, but also for his kind-hearted generosity.

Here’s Derrick’s Facebook page: 

Ms. Muffin

On New Year’s Eve, Yuriko-san’s dog of 11 years joined her Mom on the other side of Watermelon Sushi World. Please say goodbye to our mixed-race mutt, Muffin:

Several years ago, I was dismayed to learn of the passing of a great filmmaker friend in Hawai’i. Here’s the blog I wrote about Sergio Goes, a cross-cultural Brazilian living in Honolulu, in 2008.

Since we’re taking this month to honor those who’ve left us, let’s also remember those still here who helped pioneer the mixed-race agenda.

Folks like author Teri LaFlesh:

author Teri LaFlesh

Arana and her Topaz Sisterhood:

Arana sitting in center

Nikki and son, Daniel
Euphoria Luv (now Asian Black Community):

Jen Chau of

The Mixed Chicks and their Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival:

If you know a mixed-race pioneer, or anyone forwarding our Hip Hapa Homeez agenda, drop us an email so we can interview them for our next month’s blog.

Meanwhile, watch our Hapa*Teez video and buy a t-shirt, like our Hapa*Teez fan page, check out our Watermelon Sushi film, like our Watermelon Sushi fan page, check out our War Brides of Japan videos, like our War Brides of Japan fan page, and join our Hip Hapa Homeez group page on Facebook to participate in discussions about being biracial, blended, interracially involved, mestizo, mixed race, multicultural and/or transracially adopted.

100 poems cards read for New Year's
Here’s to a HAPA New Year from…

Your Hip Hapa,