Wednesday, June 07, 2017

War Brides of Japan: Still in Post

a war bride before she was a war bride
Aloha, Hip Hapa Homeez

At the risk of repeating last quarter’s blog, we are repeating last quarter’s blog. 

For those of you who are filmmakers, it’s likely you know why. For those not, please know that filmmaking is a long, involved process and right now our documentary, War Brides of Japan, is still in post.

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You can also join our Japanese War Brides and Their Children group page on Facebook to participate in discussions about your war bride mother--or any war bride you may know.

Meanwhile, enjoy these links to info about the War Brides of Japan documentary. If the main (first listed) website doesn’t work, please revisit it later as we have very recently changed web hosts.

War Brides of Japan videos:

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War Brides of Japan animator Michelle Jericho Poppler...
...has a surprise for you!

Enjoy your summer and arrigatou gozaimashita for your support and encouragement!

Your Hip Hapa,


visiting Masako White (l) in New Jersey