Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Teez*ing You, Our Fans And Followers

Aloha Hip Hapa Homeez!

What an awesome realization to know this blog has been around since 2006 (8 years!). Since then, we’ve been expounding on what it means to be biracial, blended, crossing cultures, interracially involved, mestizo, mixed-race, multi-ethnic, transracially adopted and more.

In the beginning, our idea was to create a space where we could meet for discussions. But, we also wanted to make the world aware of our independent film that we began making in 1998--Watermelon Sushi.

Soon, we introduced our Hapa*Teez line of t-shirts to support our project. Our hope was that all you mixies and mixie lovers would purchase one and, with the proceeds, we would finance and finish our film. After all, we only needed to sell 100,000 t-shirts!

Instead, Watermelon Sushi World ended up taking off on many new adventures. From covering the Hapa Japan Conference with guest Japanese African American enka singer, Jero-san, in Berkeley; to launching HapaWood, our own mixed-race version of Hollywood (see Sexy Voices of Hollywood on YouTube); to participating on Mixed Chicks Chat and at their Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival (now known as Mixed Roots Remixed) in Los Angeles; to celebrating the launch of Canada’s Hapa-palooza Festival; to interviewing filmmakers of interracial movies like Harimaya Bridge and Half-Kenneth; to reviewing author Teri LaFlesh’s highly anticipated book, Curly Like Me; to exposing the efforts of Mixed Marrow and its drives to match mixed-race bone marrow, we have been involved in so many events taking place in our Watermelon Sushi World.

And, now, we’re full circling our original goal.

If you have ever made a Hapa*Teez purchase, please send us a hi-res image, or two, or three, of you wearing it. We’re creating another Hapa*Teez slideshow video and we’d like to feature YOU!

Come and join us. The more the world knows about our Watermelon Sushi World, the better off we’ll all be.

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