Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Those Bad Ass Brides!

Aloha, Hip Hapa Homeez.
For those of you in the know, you must be aware that today is the anniversary of Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor which eventually led to the U.S. occupation. It also happens to be the first Wednesday in December, the day we post this blog with its recent focus on the documentary film War Brides of Japan.

While our film doesn’t really delve into details surrounding the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we do look at how the succeeding World War II affected the lives of Japanese women who met and married American GI’s. Stay tuned as we hope to have War Brides of Japan edited by spring.

Meanwhile, we have some good news, and we have some bad. First, the bad. This Watermelon Sushi World blog will change to a new format in 2017—publishing only quarterly. So, we’ll be publishing the first Wednesdays of the following months: March, June, September and December. The good news is that the new format is due to the success of War Brides of Japan. In other words, we just don’t have the time to blog while we’re making this movie.

Your Hip Hapa is also lining up more interviewees from mixed-race, interracial relationship, transracial adoptee and cross-cultural communities for this blog. If you, or someone you know, would like to participate—hollah! Meanwhile, visit our Facebook group page, Hip Hapa Homeez, to engage in discussion of relevant topics.

As you know, Your Hip Hapa has been diligently seeking, finding and interviewing Japanese war brides, their adult children and grandchildren. In September, our crew traveled to California, Arizona, then driving through Oregon to Washington and, even stopping in British Columbia Canada to film participants and conduct photo ops with some of our generous donors and wonderful supporters.

Take a peep at some of our fabulous friends:

Dale Head of Wai'anae Hawai'i is one of our generous donors
so is Paz Cateil, a wonderful realtor on the Westside of O'ahu
Eric Gould is a Seattle-based donor;
here we are at Alki Beach in Seattle
donor Gil Asakawa (right) lives in Denver with his wife Erin Yoshimura;
he's also the author of "Being Japanese American" and a blogger himself
Diana Martinez Portugal (right) is the daughter of a Japanese war bride;
she and her husband (center) live in Clovis, and Diana arranged our interview for KPCF 88.1 Fresno
host Michael Medrano interviewed us on his show on KPCF 88.1 Fresno

camera operator Sean Hardin is dwarfed by Paul Bunyan in Klamath California during our first shoot
here's Sean Hardin setting up for Regina Lark's interview at her West LA  home office during our second shoot;
Regina wrote her dissertation on Japanese war brides
Your Hip Hapa (center) gets ready to leave Moorpark following our second shoot with
Roleta Fowler Vasquez (right), daughter of a Japanese war bride, and her husband, Joe
Check out our latest trailer!

Our Network for Good account is still active, so you can make your 100% tax deductible donation here:

Arrigatou gozaimasu for being there for us.

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Dear Hip Hapa Homeez, we will reach out to you in March just in time for hanami—cherry blossom viewing time.

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