Sunday, December 31, 2023

Wood Dragon and Watermelon Sushi

Aloha, Hip Hapa Homeez!

Are you ready to leave 2023 behind while embracing the incoming Wood Dragon?

While we’re still over a month away from Lunar New Year, we can already feel the excitement of what the Wood Dragon year will bring.

Watermelon Sushi
For us, it’s all about Watermelon Sushi. In fact, our Executive Producer, Lowell Douglas Ing, is a Dragon!

We’re almost ready for editing all the footage that Doug is currently having digitized. Besides adding new hip hop tunes to our decades-old project, we will also be incorporating animation to complete the story.

Follow us and stay updated. We’re everywhere!

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There are so many folks to thank for their dedication to this project over the years. Some are no longer with us on this planet. But here’s a partial list:

b.r. Winfrey

Rob Lee

the late Derrick Holmes

the late Jaz Dorsey

Darlene Romero

Joe Calhoun

Mike Reed and friends

Mia Gonzalez

Johl Smilowski

Pearl, Jr.

Quie Bwoy

Miwa Lyric

Larry Gamell, Jr.

the late Eric Eugene Doboy Williams

Our late Facebook Friends Jeffrey Daniels and Correnna L. White

All of our Hapa*Teez t-shirt supporters, although this is an incomplete list:

Cassie Hayes

Eva Abram

Julia Baker

Teri LaFlesh


Z Enterprises

Lisa M. Corey

Leslie Morishita

Lola Mann Smith

Corinne D. Spector

Carol Harris

C.A. Harris

Aja Robinson

Tracy Hatico

Rob Lee

Eva Abram
Julia Baker

Carol Harris

Cassie Hayes

Our gratitude also goes out to all the high school, colleges, universities, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, and internet websites and community organizations that have invited us to speak and/or featured us in their publications and other media.

See you at the end of March when The Dragon will be in full force.

Akemashite Omedettou Gozaimasu, Hau'oli Makahik Hou, Happy New Year!

Your Hip Hapa,